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Smart Utility Meters 2016

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    Smart Utility Meters 2016


    This report provides a clear view of the competition between power line communciations (PLC), mesh (802.15.4), Wi-Fi (802.11), licensed narrowband (FSK), LPWA (SIGFOX, LoRa, RPMA, UNB) and cellular technologies (GSM, LTE, NB-IoT).


    Clear technology and business model comparisons are made to illustrate how this market will adopt key technologies and grow in size over the next five years

    Date Published:  Sep 2016
    Date Revised:  Sep 2016

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    IoT Smart Meter Energy Meter Utility Meter Gas Meter Water Meter PRIME G3-PLC X10 MAX2990 FSK S-FSK HaLow 802.11ah 802.15.4 802.15.4g Mesh FHSS Zigbee LPWA LPWAN SIGFOX LORA UNB RPMA INGENU GSM EC-GSM HSPA LTE LTE-M NB-IoT Cat-NB

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