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Citation Policy Mobile Experts citation policy

Mobile Experts publishes research that is both objective and based on rigorous research methodologies. The research is created by Mobile Experts for its clients’ internal use but fully understands that clients and other third parties will frequently seek to cite the research externally. The following Citation Policy provides both clients and non-clients with guidelines for the internal and external use and citation of the research.

I. General Guidelines

  • Generally, external or commercial use of the research and/or the Mobile Experts logo requires prior written approval from Mobile Experts.

    How to Seek Approval
    • All requests should be submitted to Rachel Winningham
    • Please provide us with the full citation and context for your request along with a draft copy of the document in which the citation will be included
    • We will reply to your request via email within two business day
    Uses that Do Not Require Mobile Experts’ Prior Approval
    • A client’s internal use of the research subject to the guidelines set forth in Section II below.
    • Certain external use of research by the press subject to the guidelines set forth in Section III below
    Uses that Always Require Mobile Experts Approval
    • With the exception of certain uses by the press, all external or commercial use of the research including without limitation, citations;
      • In press releases
      • In sales brochures, marketing collateral (direct or e-mail marketing), advertising copy, trade show materials and newsletters
      • In a client’s own report intended for public use, a white paper or other publication or any other materials contracted by the client from a third party
      • In advertisements in all types of media
      • In SEC filings or other legal documents
      • In public presentations including webinar and trade show presentations

II. Research

General use of the research is governed by the agreement between Mobile Experts and each of its clients. Clients may cite internally to Mobile Experts research which includes reports, forecasts, spreadsheets, graphics, tables and other content provided to a client by Mobile Experts in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • Clients may include a copy or slide of each spreadsheet, graphic, table or chart, or a single paragraph or a portion of text up to a paragraph long in internal client materials and on clients’ internal websites
  • All text must have a source citation (e.g. Source: Mobile Experts, Report Title, Date) and the following must be affixed to all copies or slides ©Copyright 2014-2015, Mobile Experts, All Rights Reserved.
  • All citations must be accurately cited in verbatim or briefly summarized within the appropriate context and spirit of the research.
  • The research and any analyst quotes may not be used to endorse a client, product or service (unless a client is citing the research verbatim), nor can the research be used to disparage a client’s competitor.
  • Citations and excerpts must be from published research that is less than 12 months old.
  • Copying and/or modifying information taken from the Mobile Experts web site, in whole or in part, is prohibited.

III. The Press

The research may be used by members of the press externally in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • Members of the press may use excerpts of text from the research which are less than a paragraph long without obtaining Mobile Experts prior written approval, provided that all such citations are sourced as follows: Source: Mobile Experts, Report Title, Date.
  • All other citations of the research by members of the press, including but not limited to the reproduction of spreadsheets, graphics, tables or charts must be pre-approved by Mobile Experts.

IV. Press Releases

The research may be used by clients in press releases in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • The use of the research in a press release must be pre-approved by Mobile Experts.
  • The use of Mobile Experts name or research in a client’s boilerplate is prohibited.
  • In the event of any changes made to a press release after receipt or approval from Mobile Experts, the revised press release must be resubmitted in its entirety for final approval.

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