Vision for Wireless Ventures


About Mobile Experts and about our team

What we do

We chart your course through the radio access market. Our analysts break down the mobile market into nitty-gritty details, such as frequency bands, power levels, and semiconductor integration levels. We provide enough detail to plan new semiconductor products.

How we do it

Like scuba divers, our analysts dive deep into the block diagram to fully understand wireless technology and its costs. We combine our top-down forecasts (from mobile operators and OEMs) with our bottom-up forecasts (data collected from semiconductor vendors).

Our Experts

Each analyst has at least 20 years of experience with a specific aspect of wireless technology. Our Experts are specialists, with long experience in technology and in key business drivers for their assigned technology segment.

Our Customers

More than 200 OEMs and semiconductor suppliers follow Mobile Experts in the wireless market. Almost every semiconductor supplier in the mobile radio relies on our research. Many customers share shipment data with us, and this enables us to cross-check our forecast in a unique and complete way.

The Mobile Experts Team

Some of our Partners

This page provides details about Mobile Experts team members. Check out the background on each Expert to see why we have the most accurate forecasts in the industry.